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Most of the time school portraits don't truly represent the joys of childhood. Your Go To Girlz Photography strives to deliver outstanding school portraits that are stunning and unique.  One of the things that set us apart from most school photographers; we take the time to visit your school more than once so that on picture day, your children are familiar with us and more relaxed.  

Kids are curious by nature and we understand that.  So when a child ask to see their picture, we let them, if someone ask to look thru the lens, we allow that too.  We want to make our sessions fun for kids.  Once you book us, we take care of everything.  We handle all correspondence.  Parents can chose between print and digital packages as well as custom speciality items.  As a school, you can chose to contract us as needed or take advantage of our Seasons Plan which offers a higher rate of commission to your school and additional discounts for parents.  



From learning new things to playing with friends on the playground.  We photograph your children doing their daily routine.  All of our candid images come with a unlimited online usage agreement.  Just give us a call and we'll come out at no cost to your school.  Candids are also perfect for holiday parties and theme days.